Image from Steve Bowers
A popular medicine in many societies that do not have angelnet surveillance. Designed as a charity effort by various groups of Sephirotic modosophonts, in appearance an omnimed capsule is a small white pill. Observation under a microscope would reveal a tightly packed lattice of microcapsules containing totipotent medibots. When taken orally this lattice breaks up; some microcapsules are absorbed through the soft tissue of the mouth whilst others migrate out of the harsh environment of the digestive system and release their payload. Totipotent medibots can assemble complex ecologies of specialised medibots capable of carrying out a wide variety of treatments.

One omnimed pill can cure almost any non-emergency malady a biont might suffer. Hence the expression in some societies 'an omni a day keeps the doctor away!'.
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Text by Ryan B

Initially published on 16 October 2011.