Tilted cryojovian world in the Old Solar system

Uranus and Miranda
Image from Steve Bowers
Uranus and its moon Miranda

Ice giant in SolSys, an early target for exploitation because of its relatively low escape velocity. There were a number of colonies established on the moons, in orbital habs, and beginning in 260 AT as bubblehabs in the atmosphere. After the Nanoswarms the local economy recovered quite quickly, mostly thanks to He-3 extraction and mining of the planet's several moons and minimal ring system. The various Uranian polities had reached their own accords with one another and achieved relative peace and prosperity by the close of the Dark Ages and were for the most part reluctant and late members of the First Federation. Currently the inhabitants are affiliated to a greater or lesser degree with the Solar Organization.

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Text by Steve Bowers
additions by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 19 January 2012.