Epsilon Sculptoris

System where first alien artifact was found

Alien artifact
Image from Steve Bowers
The object, apparently a (highly eroded) fragment of an autonomous vessel, was dated by photoluminescence, micrometeoroid impact and cosmic ray degradation rates
Multiple system Distance from Sol 89.5 ly
Constellation; Originally Sculptor, this star has since moved into Fornax.
Primary Epsilon Sculptoris A
Type F-type subgiant
Secondary Epsilon Sculptoris B, 126 AU distant
Type G5v
Tertiary Epsilon Sculptoris C 900 AU distant
Type M6v
Quarternary Epsilon Sculptoris D 2500 AU distant
Type M5v

The first alien artifact, a fragmentary hull of a robotic satellite, was discovered here in 1460 AT. This artifact was 196 million years old, a relic of the unnamed species HIE636MZE.
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Text by Steve Bowers

Initially published on 17 April 2012.