Technology Levels

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Technology used in the Terragen Sphere varies from simple stone age implements to miraculous-seeming "godtech" devices that are incomprehensible to ordinary sophonts. The type of tech used is determined by available resources and information, the choices of a society or of its transapient managers, and by the highest toposophic level of its members. A society and the level of the technologies it uses are profoundly related.

  • Cryptotech - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Technology about which there is debate whether it really even exists. Cryptotech may be obscure, very rare, and/or high toposophic tech, or transapient tech and above that for whatever reason doesn't fit into current lower toposophic understanding. The study of cryptotech is called cryptotechology, the design and construction of (authentic) cryptotech is cryptotechnology.
  • Cryptotechnology - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    The design of tech intended, deliberately or by accident, to be obscure. Theoretically, anything, even macroscale dumbtech, can be cryptotech. The term however is more often applied to more dramatic high ultratech, transapientech or godtech creations. And while many cryptotechnologists tend to be higher toposophic minds whose motives and logic are often incomprehensible to lower beings, it is also possible for a dedicated and highly augmented ordinary sapient to design simpler forms of cryptotech; perhaps as a hobby, a joke, a unique craft, or a form of memegineering.
  • Dumbo - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Dumbdowned tech; ultratech that has been modified so that even a baseline can use it. There are two types of dumbdo - augie and duh. Augie requires augmentations such as DNI, waldos,and so on. Duh, also known as ugie, can be used even by an unaugmented baseline. Even augie dumdo is limited relative to what can be done with the tech by a hyperturing or power. Duh is even more restricted.
  • Dumbtech - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Generally, tech lacking any sort of inbuilt ai, aioid, or information-processing systems or micro- or nano- systems. More often found away from the main capitals, or on prim worlds, and wherever there is no angelnet support. During the early days of human history, from the stone age to the industrial age, all tech was dumbtech.
  • Progression of Technology in the Terragen Civilisation  - Text by Todd Drashner and Steve Bowers
    A short outline of the development of technology in the Orion Arm.
  • Tech Wranglers - Text by John B
    Independent traders usually of either su or SI:1 levels who have extensive information on various technologies, either through implants, links, slaved AI, and so on. Tech Wranglers travel the fringes, assisting (for a price) the natives in setting up higher level tech in a configuration useful to them. Note that this is often not the original purpose of the device! One Tech Wrangler had configured a disassembler swarm as a bandsaw equivalent!
  • Technology Timeline  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Some technological events and discoveries of importance.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Stephen Inniss

Initially published on 14 July 2001.