First Toposophic - Basic Transapients

First Toposophic
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First Toposophic -Basic Transapients

Definition:Toposophic kingdom
Toposophic:S2 (Forad scale)
1 (TRHN System
1-SI-2 (Berram7 scale)
1-G-2 (Berram 10G Scale)
TU3 (Turingsen-Bichip-Hursch210 Hyperturing Scale
Categories:a huge diversity of types - posthuman, postvec, postprovolve, postaliens, postalife, postneumann, etc. (Categories po and hyperturing ai)
Origin:Terragen (from Information/Interplanetary Age onwards), Xenosophont transapients also are known but often are difficult to categorise
Distribution:Known with certainty from almost all civilizations and metaempires
Est. Population:Over ten trillion
Status:depending on civilization, polity, and local status, either sovereign Zar or autonomous or dedicated sub-totality or remote or domestic of a power or archailect
Environmental Requirements:Depends on body and environment
Body:either mobile nanoborg, in a bio- or cyber-shell, or in a distributed virtual body
Chronometric:nodes and subnodes may have extremely fast processing (with subjective time many millions of times faster than normal sapients).
Further Comments:The first transapients emerged during the Interplanetary Age, in secret, often hidden from one another. Only after GAIA ascended to the Second Singularity did the First Toposophic Transapients decide to come out openly.

Also known as SI (Superintelligence), S1/SI-1 (First Singularity, although this becomes confusing because 'S1' (So-1) also means sophont), Po, and Post, or just 'Transapient', these are Post-Singularity sentients who have transcended the sapient condition and become superhuman. At times they can be more disturbing then higher transingularitan beings, because they are 'near enough to sapients to relate intimately with them, and share a large number of qualities with them, but different enough to be utterly inscrutable or bizarre in many of their actions (and far more alien then anything imagined by most writers and fabulists of atomic and information age Old Earth, for whom aliens were simply anthropomorphic projections of themselves). They can sometimes seem utterly normal for long periods of time, but always come up with some utterly alien point of view eventually. Often for no apparent reason they do things that simply don't make sense to ordinary sophonts. They have access to technology and medias that ordinary sapients cannot imagine or understand.

A few forms play an important part in the running of sapient civilization, supporting and backing polities, corporations, institutes, and important clades and great houses. These are the transapient administrators, the megacorporate executives, sephirotic political leaders, perfect artists, pozen monks, neogenicists, memegineers, virchbuilders, nanocyborg warriors. There are also transapients that have their own polities, societies, cultures, and communities in which sapients don't participate and which they can barely comprehend. And others that are reclusive, contemplative, or migratory. Many transapients own sapient or subsapient beings, and the way they treat them varies widely according to the personality of the superintelligence, and the use to which the SI:1 is put.
Some technologies were developed by transapients who then either gave them directly to modosophonts as gift technologies, or gave them pointers, guidance or simply vague hints which allowed the modos to invent the technology in question independently.

Other technologies were invented by transaps but were never given to modos, who nevertheless developed them independently them later, sometimes by reverse engineering, sometimes with little or nothing to go on but a few vague rumours.

A few technologies were developed by modos on their own in their own time, and apparently never developed by transapients or never explicitly revealed to modos.

On the other hand many highly advanced technologies were developed by transaps and have remained beyond modosophont understanding and seem likely to remain so.
See also Modosophont level Hi-tech

Core technologies developed by First Singularity entities

• Advanced mass-stream technology such as orbital rings. As with many other technologies at this level, the first transapients produced advanced designs that would probably, given time, have been developed by modosophonts independently.
Non-destructive uploading and Engenerator Technology; another technology that would almost certainly have been developed by modosophonts in due course.
• control methods for nano and synsect swarms of almost unlimited size, environmental variability, adaptability, and flexibility.
• Full ability, drexlerian autonomous nanoswarm tech with integrated control technology.
• Practical proton-proton fusion and industrial scale transmutation
• Huge space-based power stations beaming energy generated from artificial black holes, converting mass to energy.
• Plasma ‘wires’ to transmit lower energy currents
• Flexible plasma systems able to operate in more open conduits,
• Plasma lasers able to be fine-tuned for data transmission. Lasers can be generated at any point on the hull by setting up an appropriate magnetic domain for the plasma.
• Limited use of ‘bi-modal’ systems able to transmit power and produce laser bursts for data transmission.
• Optical molasses
Chaos wands.

Transapients at S:1 have been able to ‘reverse engineer’ some S:2 tech and acquire certain kinds of advanced technology. But most S:3 tech and above is incomprehensible to them.

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  • Darwin, Clade  - Text by Stephen Inniss
    A transapient synano-based clade; members are often particularly interested in subsingularity life forms.
  • Hyperturing  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    A transapient ai of hypersophonce or hypersapience ability or nature, dedicated to administration or complexity management (or a freed or retired individual of that category); an ai of a toposophic exceptionally beyond superturing; an ai or ai toposophic of SI:1 and higher.
  • Low Transapients - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Generic term for Minds of less than 2nd singularity; also called SI:1 or basic transapients.
  • Power  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    In some usages a being of S1 or greater toposophic level; in other usages a being that is specifically of S2 or S3 toposophic level.
  • Rise of the Archailects, The  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev, Anders Sandberg, Todd Drashner and Steve Bowers
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  • Scale and Form of Transapient bodies, The  - Text by Arik
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  • Toposophic Mindmaps  - Text by Arik
    One of the many ways that toposophic phase space can be represented is the Mindmap diagram.
  • Transapient Whales  - Text by Darren Ryding and Steve Bowers
    First and Second Singularity transcended Whales.
  • Transcend  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev modified by Steve Bowers
    Variously, the act of breaching a singularity barrier and leaving behind one's earlier personality and mental traits (contrast to ascension), or the more general and mystical attainment of a godlike/enlightened state, or a person/being who is the result of these acts.
  • Transcendent Being - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    An entity that is distinct from physical existence, whether considered ontologically, as a supernatural or supraphysical being, or soteriologically, as a being that is no longer a part of embodied existence or samsara. The existence of a transcendent being or beings (e.g. God, Buddhas, etc.) is central to many religious memeticities, but denied by physicalist memeticities.
  • Transcension  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev, additions by Steve Bowers
    The transition from a lower to a higher toposophic grade, e.g. from humanity to posthumanity, or samsara to sambodhi.
  • Tribeminds  - Text by Michael Boncher
    Tribeminds are neither a hive mind nor a collective consciousness, but rather a tightly networked group of transapients who retain their individuality but work together for the betterment of a mental "tribe".
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