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Star Trek as crosstime travel
You know, Star Trek would have worked better if it was written as a parallel earth series, instead of an interstellar series. Most of the aliens looked like variant human races, most of the societies were takeoffs on human cultures, etc. Also, you would not have the problems of FTL travel if the Enterprise was just an orbital spaceship that could slide sidewise in time.
Would you have like ST better this way?
One episode of The Original Series makes no sense as space opera, but it does make perfect sense as a parallel Earth story.

From Wikipedia
Quote: Cloud produces a very old American Flag and ancient manuscripts from which he poorly recites the Pledge of Allegiance. When Kirk completes the Pledge of Allegiance, the Yangs are shocked. Spock surmises that the cultures may have developed along very similar lines to Earth. Kirk speculates that the Kohms were "Communists" and Yangs were "Yankees." Apparently, the Omegans had a war, similar to the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. The conflict resulted in a war that destroyed both cultures many centuries earlier. Even Spock found the parallel between the two worlds to be "almost too close".
Spock was right. The parallels are much too close to be explained by convergent evolution; only a divergent timeline in a many-worlds universe makes any sense.
That wasn't the only one. What about the one where the Roman Empire is still persecuting "Son worshipers"?
Then a galaxy made of earth clones across the same time?

That could be another possibility.
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Quote: "the object and the theory are distinct things"
Trying to rationally explain star trek and retrofit it for realism doesn't work. It undercuts what the whole thing is about which is fantasy adventure with a space theme.
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Where was a series that make the parallel worlds idea work for it: Sliders.
I just watched the pilot "Parallels". That would have been a good series.

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