Writer's Resources
Horus near star 4
Image from Ari Kohorn
This page is intended to provide authors with resources to help them when writing stories set in the Orion's Arm universe.

The links to the left lead to a number of areas on the OA website that an author who is new to the setting may find useful when working to understand the Orion's Arm setting and write stories set within it. The following sections may be particularly useful:

The Illustrated Backstory
The Primer
The Canon
The FAQ Pages

The Copyright and Submissions section is also a useful resource for understanding your rights and responsibilities as a contributor to the OA project. And the OA Discussion Groups are a great place to share ideas, gain understanding about the OA setting, and discuss how well various story elements might work (or not work) in OA. If you decide to post to the discussion groups, the Netiquette pages are a good place to stop on the way to learn the etiquette of the OA community.

In addition to these resources, the links below may also help you as you craft a story set in the OA universe.

2011 OA Writing Contest Suggested Links:

The Sky on Alien Worlds

Worldbuilding Links and Software

The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches Note we may not agree with all of these

Energy Values

Master Star List

OA Glossary

Orion's Arm Links and Extras Page

(Note: Contains most of the above links and many more beside. May be useful as a more general resource or for more specialized topics).

Hopefully these links will be helpful to you and, if you should happen to discover any additional useful resources in the course of creating your story, please consider sharing them with the OA community to help us make it better.