Copernicus (55 Cancri system)
55 Cancri
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The Copernicus system; Janssen, Galileo, Brahe, Harriot, and Lipperhey

Copernicus, 55 Cancri, Rho1 Cancri, Danzig System

Stellar TypeG8
Luminosity0.63 x Sol
CompanionM class red dwarf at 1200 AU
RegionIndependent Inner Sphere, 41 light years from Sol
Image from Steve Bowers
Janssen, a hot pyrothallassic superterrestrial in the 55 Cancri system, with an atmosphere containing significant amounts of hydrogen cyanide


Copernicus ename Janssen 28,000 km dia- 0.038 AU orbit- hot carbon-rich world with HCN atmosphere
Copernicus bname Galileo 168,000 km dia- 0.115 AU orbit- AzuriJovian Type
Copernicus cname Brahe 112,000 km dia- 0.24 AU orbit- hydrojovian- intense magnetic field and radiation belt
Copernicus fname Harriot 110,000 km diameter hydrojovian , 0.71 AU orbit
moon of Harriotname Danzig 7000km dia- now terraformed arean --Independent More Details Here
Copernicus gname Riga 9010km dia - Mass 0.33x Earth - 1.03 AU orbit, period 1.067 standard years, surface gravity 0.67 x Earth: Pelacytherian subtype world, a Venus-like world with a carbon dioxide atmosphere and warm water oceans, now terraformed.- affiliated to Solar Dominion
Copernicus dname Lippershey 100,000km dia ammonia cloud eujovian subclass- 5.527 AU orbit
moons of Lippershey13 including Mazda- Sophic League Dyson Tree (1500 km dia) Elbe 500 km diameter Rhine 2000km diameter- former Metasoft outpost
Copernicus hname Bergen 20,000 km dia- microjovian-7 AU orbit
moons of Bergenincludes Hamburg, Shell world affiliated to Terran Federation
Copernicus iname Stockholm 18,000 km dia- microjovian-10 AU orbit
moons of Stockholm7 various
Image from Steve Bowers
Brahe, a sulfonian gas giant world in the Copernicus system

Copernicus - Data Panel

AIAI power: Hanse Angelnet — built around ship AI core with Conver upgrades, but largely self ascended

AI's ethos: Independent Opportunism
SystemCommon Names: Copernicus System, Danzig System

Symbol: Wooden Sailing Ship

Affiliation: Ties to Terran Federation, Sophic League — Solar Dominion presence since Version War limited to Riga

Colonized: 809 autonomous probe Philip K. Dick (nano autofac which contacted and joined Metasoft in 4790

Colonized: 1421 Hanse (launched 1001, Baltic League Habitat, Central Asteroid Belt, Sol System
Psyche Art and CultureMetapsychology: Opportunistic and resilient

Metaethics: Apart from the cosmopolitan Hanse polity, the Sophic League tree is a centre for Virtual Incarnation and Habilitation. Exvirch neogens usually migrate to live in the O'Niell habitats around Bergen to adjust to real life; many virch characters are programmed with artificial personas for roleplaying which must be shaken off to live successfully in the real world.

Religions and Ideology:
Danzig - Universalism, Solarism, Market Abundance Theory
Hamburg - Universalism, Humanism
Riga - Solarism
Mazda - Zoroastrianism, Buddhism;
Bergen - Buddhism, Soul Copyism, Platonic Materialism

Culture and Art: The Hanse cyborg culture is both hi-tech and bound to the nature of the world they have lovingly terraformed. The seas and forests of Danzig are full of augmented humans often engaging in sport and commerce simultaneously using cybermultitasking. All worlds in the Copernicus system are welcome to compete in the Danzig Hyperolympics, where any bio and/or hylo augmentation is both permitted and recommended.

Language: Anglish, Danoswedic North EU dialect, Shamash dialect, Solresol.
Territory and PopulationPopulation:
Hamburg - 1 billion baseline, 500 million posthuman
Danzig - 2 billion cyborg, 300 million baseline, 1 billion virtual
Riga -1 billion augmented baseline, 200 million splice, 100 million tweak, 1 billion virtual
Mazda - 100 million tweak, 200 million neogen
Bergen - 300 million neogen

Immigration: 50 million per annum to Hamburg from Terran Federation, 70 million from Hamberg to Danzig and Outer Volumes.
50 million to Danzig p.a. from all areas, 100 million from Danzig to Outer Volumes
10 million to Riga p.a, from Solar Dominion, 50 million From Riga to all areas
100 million p.a. to Mazda and Bergen from the Cybercosm, 70 million from Mazda and Bergen to outer volumes, 30 million to Cybercosm
Government and AdministrationGovernment Type: Danzig-Independent

Administrative divisions: Danzig- Wendlant, Zetlant, Blekinge, Saaremaa

National holidays: Landing Day, Hyperolympic Tenday, others

Constitution: Danzig - Cyberdemocracy.

Riga - AIocracy Hamburg - Federation council

Legal System: Local systems apply, Danzig being subject to Hanse Angelnet Cliology
Economics and Local InfrastructureCurrency: Solar Credit, Joule, terabyte credit

Major Industries: Amat production, Dyson forestry, Psychocounselling, simulsport/conferencing, structural sculpting and radical architecture, real life media entertainments

Angelnetting: Hanse Angelnet, also both Hamburg and Riga have independent surveillance AI responsible to their parent empires

Major Orbitals:( Bergen Orbit) Akira, The Fortresses of Solitude, Beanotown, Doctor DoombotS World, vDoctor Evil's World
The Zoidberg Scuttle - to Pollux
Here We Go Again - to Xil

Spaceports: Danzig Lagrange 5, Riga Beanstalk

Hazard Rating: 0.0

Visa Restrictions: Nil

Freedom of Movement: No Access to Rhine Autofac Ruins

Environmental Requirements: all planetary environments are human baseline compatible except Hamburg Surface Deck (High Rad Flux)

Sites of Interest: Hamburg Inter-Level Elevators, Riga Chichen Itza reconstruction, Danzig Geminga City excavations, Bergen Gotham City
Harriot and Danzig
Image from Steve Bowers
The hydronian gas giant Harriot and its paraterraformed moon Danzig


The opportunistic and resilient NeoHanseatic League attempted to recreate the ancient Baltic Trading empire, but was nearly bankrupt after they terraformed Danzig by bringing cometary water to the dry world, and using nontoxic hypergreenhouse gases brought the temperature up to thaw the permafrost crust.

In 2058 the Conver Ambi arrived and set up an embassy/colony on the highlands of Danzig, advanced pohumans trading with and assisting the impoverished Hanse colonists, and leasing a large continent (Wendlant)for their cybercities.

In the breakup of the Conver Ambi the Solar Dominion took over, with the now hi-tech hylocyborg culture of the Hanseatic colony remaining independent. The Metasoft outpost on Galileo retreated to Copernicus B, a red dwarf at 1200 AU. This was the base for relativistic attacks on Xi Bootis A (Shamash) from 4490 during the Version War. The Vec outpost was destroyed in 4608 by the Dominion Stormfleet.

The Solar Dominion terraformed Riga in 5500, and withdrew from the troublesome and independent Danzig, which soon formed trade agreements with the Sophic league and the Terran Federation.

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