How can you hire a good team to undertake something that is quasi-legal without endangering your identity or the team revealing too much about their past activities? AgentNet is the solution, a well renowned interfacing firm based in Redmon's Rock (Pournelle sector, NoCoZo, also offices in Nova Terra and elsewhere).

Using zero-knowledge proof cryptography they keep a database of teams, past missions (linked with media and law enforcement coverage) and the anonymous identities of employers. An employer can check the reputation of a team and that it is valid, but not find out exactly which missions produced it (which is good since some of them may have been illegal), contact the team using anonymous transmissions blinding both parties to each other's location and real identity and sign contracts that are officially registered (defaulting is a bad idea, since that destroys the credibility of the anonymous identities - not everybody is willing to deal with an entity with no reputation). Everything is cryptographically secured, making it impossible even for the owners of AgentNet to find out who's who.
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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg (slightly modified by M. Alan Kazlev)
Initially published on 31 December 2001.