Also known as AIocracy, AIcracy, Aicracy

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Government by, with the guidance, or with the assistance of artificially intelligent entities. In its broadest sense Aiocracy includes any system of government that is facilitated by, or carried out by, AI entities including aioids, hyperturings or archailects; but it is sometimes reserved for systems of government controlled by modosophont-level superturings or low-transapient hyperturings.

Aiocracy and related concepts

Rule with the assistance of sub-sentient expert systems:
Some modosophont worlds use non-sophont expert systems and information technology to assist with the process of government; if this results in an efficient democratic system then it is known as cyberdemocracy; if the result is oppressive then it can become cybertyranny.

A large number of worlds use highly-competent but non-sophont vots at all levels of government, and may even delegate the task of government to them altogether. This strategy is often very successful, although some commentators consider such political systems to lack true feeling.

Rule by or with the assistance of modosophont-level AI;
Many worlds inhabited predominantly by bionts use artificially intelligent aivisers to guide their policy-making, others involve AIs at a high level as equal partners, while others simply delegate most or all political decisions to aioid specialists who sometimes have their own agenda.

Rule by the AI Gods;
Worlds and systems which are directly ruled by transapients or archailects are generally classed as transapientocracies or archailectocracies; in many cases the archailects in these systems allow their modosophont charges to develop their own types of government, which are nominally independent of archai oversight but in practice are often controlled indirectly (but efficiently) by god-level memetic influence.
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