Alcohol II
One of the first biologically active, systemic nanotic injections, Alcohol II was designed to keep a 'reasonable' (non-fatal) level of alcohol in the blood stream and to scavenge the unpleasant biochemical byproducts of alcohol metabolism. The initial versions of Alcohol II were pure scavengers, leading to problems with alcohol toxicity amongst users who didn't "feel the pain" and thus take care of their biological systems. Note that the modern Alcohol II nanites are designed to break down with a half-life of 6 hours into biologically-excretable packets, and contain a finite power supply, typically limited to 3 hours of functionality.

Extreme abuse of Alcohol II (more than 100 doses per 240 hours) can lead to systemic damage to various blood-borne cells as early-breakdown nanites cause small amounts of damage when their power source is discharged rapidly.
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Text by Daniel Harle
Initially published on 31 December 2001.