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Among the most intellectual of the wuppists are the autowupodologists, who spend their time constructing and deconstructing memes and methodologies of no practical value, illustrating their arguments by spurting the audience with bionano-infected (but short-lasting) body fluids. An entire meta-language has been constructed to make sense of their jargon, but it generally cannot be spoken in polite company, although small children and adults with poor toilet training often love the double entendres in their literary-philosophical narrative critiques.

Although banned throughout the Negentropy Alliance and a number of other important worlds, they are in great demand as public performers in many of the more risque polities and worlds, and have established themselves in some NoCoZo theme worlds and along a number of Deeper Covenant trade confederations.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 November 2001.