Allosaurus (animal)

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Large (8 to 14 meters; weight 1.5 to 5 tonnes) Old Earth Jurassic carnivorous dinosaur.

Although several semi-successful attempts at lazurogenesis were made during the Interplanetary Age by organizations like Dinoworld and Jurassic Enterprises, the creatures' large size and aggressive nature made them difficult to keep; in addition the artificial conditions and enclosed pens meant they suffered a high mortality rate through stress-related ailments. The creatures were not successful reconstructed in their original habitat until the Jurassica Institute of Lazurogenetics established a viable breeding colony on Owen, where the largest population is still to be found today.

During the middle Empires period the hyperturing GEvidan provolved a number of wild Allosaurs. While a few Allosaurus sapiens live even today in several of the large orbital habitats around Owen, others accompanied GEvidan and the Dino Kids, purportedly to Ruprect 108, although the ultimate destination was never known. Heavily derived Allosaurii (Allosaurus cosmoi, Allosaurus spatialis) bearing GEvidan's characteristic signature can occasionally be seen in their giant relativistic and trader ships throughout much of the outer Hinteregion polities.

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Allosaurus Image from Wikimedia Commons by Fred Wierum
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