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Ancient cultural and memetic system that developed in the United States of America on Old Earth.

Americanism emphasized elements such as individual liberty and initiative, unity with diversity, and 'creative destruction,' the notion that it is good to experiment and take risks, even if these may disrupt the status quo. Entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, owning one's own home, and consumerism were also often idealized in America. Americanism also included use of the English language, which later developed into the Anglic language family, as well as various styles of entertainment, architecture, fashion, city planning, and other artistic outlets.

Even after America lost its status as Earth's sole superpower, Americanism remained influential, and Americans typically retained great pride in their way of life. Off-Earth, Americanism ran strong in America's interplanetary colonies as well, and even, at times, in other colonies that were not part of America. Even after America was dissolved after the Great Expulsion, Americanism held on in several locales well into the First Federation. It was also influential in the establishment and development of a number of important early interstellar colonies, including Nova Terra, Atlantis, Pacifica, and New Brooklyn.

Today, elements of Americanism can occasionally be found scattered throughout the Terragen Sphere. Americanism runs especially strong in a few districts on Metropolis Ring City dedicated to it, as well as in many virchworlds, with the two largest run by the Fomalhaut Acquisition Society. These are called Ancient America, which is divided into large zones, each one themed after a different decade of American history; and the United States of New America, a boundless landscape with an Earth-like climate and Interplanetary Age simulated technology, governed in the same fashion as the original America. It presently has over 4,000 states and 350 territories, and continues to grow ever outward.
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Image credit: Milan Suvajac, A possible flag of the United States of America displaying 55 stars (1), CC BY-SA 4.0