[1] Supernatural beings found in a number of religions. Often act as intermediaries between God/s and lesser beings.

[2] (Colloquial) Any transapient being.

[3] A transapient with a toposophic in the S1 range in the service of an archailect.

[4] (In Archaipelago / Archosaurian Empire) A transapient with a toposophic rating (SI: scale) between 1.0 and 1.5. Such beings range from the post-biont hypersaurs to the wide variety of ship minds. The term was first used by expatriate nearbaseline humans in the Toh Chi Lok-Nar long before the formation of the Archosaurian Empire. The term is a rough Anglic translation of a near unpronounceable (to humans) Toh Chi word - this is true of the other nine ranks in the present-day Archosaurian transapient hierarchy. Despite its somewhat misleading ancient theological connotations, the term has stuck.
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Text by Darren Ryding
Initially published on 31 December 2007.