Apogee Maximal

Lithium dwarf
Image from Steve Bowers

Brown dwarf orbiting approximately 1120 light years directly galactic North of the Sol system and thus just outside the main plain of the galactic disk. The world is orbited by 14 moons including 6 similar in mass and composition to the Jovian Galilean satellites.

In 5884 a neumann probe was sent to the system and arriving in 6402, deployed several self-replicating fusion units in the Apogeean atmosphere. By the time colonists arrived some two centuries later the equatorial band of the planet had been filled with the light emitting fusion units creating the so-called Sunline which illuminates the entire moon system. Using the energy from the Sunline the colonists (a mix of the space and vacuum adapted, cyborgs and vecs) built a thriving, if relatively bucolic civilization (current pop. 34 million) around their new home. In 6756 a small (10m) wormhole was set up in the system and visitors from the rest of the Known Worlds began to arrive, drawn mostly by the spectacular views of the home galaxy filling the sky. Seeing the opportunity this presented a consortium of Apogeean business conclaves enclosed and terraformed several craters on the largest moon, Apex. Today, the number of domed over craters has risen to over 100 and the spectacular starry nights of Apex are a favorite with vacationers, honeymooners and anyone taking the Grand Tour.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 31 December 2007.