Macrostats above April
Image from Anders Sandberg
Macrostats above Mt Hara on April, Beta Hydri II

Star: Beta Hydri
Type: G2 IV (variable subgiant post-Main Sequence star)
Luminosity: 3.5 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 24 ly

Dream of Translation to Frog's Head.
Only Connect! to Vega.

Beta Hydri II - Inner Sphere non-aligned world in orbit around variable red subgiant Beta Hydri.

Beta Hydri is an old star that has gone into the subgiant stage. At least one inner planet has been swallowed by the star, and another (named July) now exists as a semi-molten rock very close to the star's surface. April, a previously Mars-like world now lies within the habitable zone at 1.9 AU. April had little water but an ideal basic temperature, so it was easy to terraform by Mumlan Terrainvestment in the 1500's. April was a popular early colonization target, but as Beta Hydri began to show signs of increased variability the planet declined. The remaining Aprils adapted themselves and the ecology to the varying degree of temperature, and became one of the oldest tweak clades adapted to living around variable stars.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 08 October 2001.