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Antihero low grade adventure sim interactive and 3d created by the SI:2 hyperturing Seroz 12 (Radwin-Ho Orbital Band, Dorminy Iv, NoCoZo) in 8412 "to amuse my humans".

bAdmod is a disadvantaged near-baseline who uses massive modular cyber- and bio-augmentation ("mods") to enhance his capacities. While always getting into trouble with other beings, clades, and polities, pursued by both the authorities and criminal organizations, bAdmod and his friends (including Khan the gruff but good-hearted Cyborg, the beautiful hermaphrodite Janeis, and the rambunctious clonesplice symbiote BapIYapDapBhapZap (or Bap, IYap, Dap, Bhap and Zap when separate) always manage to come on top in the end. The original bAdmod series ran to 24,319 episode modules. Seroz 12 emself expressed surprise at how successful the series was. During the late re-evaluation period it was syndicated out to 205 franchises across the NoCoZo

Since the the 9200's the character has somewhat gone out of fashion (although generally there is always a bunch of bAdmod, Khan, Janeis or BapIYapDapBhapZap wannabes somewhere in the galaxy). It is not unusual for a socially, genomically, and technologically disadvantaged near-baseline from the poorer regions where the series remains popular to give emself the nickname (or be so called by others) "bAdmod"

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.

Unfinished bAdmod serial here, by M. Alan Kazlev