Barnard Belt

Hotel in Barnard's Belt
Image from Steve Bowers
This venerable habitat in the Barnard Belt is now a luxurious hotel complex owned by the League of Legitimate Businessbeings

Three distinct asteroid belts around Barnard's Star, formed at various distances due to harmonic relationships between the asteroids and the single planet (Van de Camp's World).

Barnard's Star remains a wealthy, independent but somewhat disreputable location in the Inner Sphere. The Water Wars were a series of important events in this system's early history.

A fusion ship in Barnard Belt
Image from Steve Bowers
A fusion ship with droplet radiators makes its way through the Barnard Asteroid Belt

Factions which have played a part in the Barnard Belt's long history include the DPR Spores, the Kuiper Comet Shepherds, the Hot Beam Transportation Ltd., the League of Legitimate Businessbeings and The Dustbunnies.

Gravity Tug
Image from Steve Bowers
Sometimes it is necessary to move the asteroids in Barnard's Belt; here a pair of gravity tugs arranged in tandem are gently pulling this colonised rock to a new orbit

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