Bealmoch Affiliation
This vec primitivist movement is named after the imaginary vec hero Bealmoch, who according to the stories is a spontaneously self-created entity from the hadean eon that built other vecs which in turn built more advanced vecs. These vecs developed the first civilisation on Earth, eventually developing chemistry and nanotechnology to the degree that they created the first self-replicating coacervates. These lifeforms spread, eventually evolving photosynthesis. The blue green algae made the previously reducing atmosphere oxidizing, dooming the vec civilisation through rust. Eventually the vecs were re-created through the actions of bionts, the remote descendants of their experiments. The Bealmoch story is a deliberate fiction created by Julienne Minds in 2969 as edutainment for young vec-biont collectives.

The Bealmoch affiliation developed during the 4500's as a vec cultural movement across the wormhole nexus, where some vecs sought a return to a simpler existence patterned on adaptations of romanticized biont prehistory. Mainly remaining a fringe idea, it had a brief resurgence during the disaffection after the Version War where several Bealmoch groups began implementing their primitivist plans. After the noted failures of most of these, the practical form of the affiliation ended. Instead cultural Bealmoch affiliation became a notable undercurrent in some Metasoft systems, proclaiming the need to recognize the cyclic and symbiotic nature of the biont-aioid relationship.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 08 October 2001.