Black Line, The
Philosophical document developed from 2200 and onwards by the small but influential philosophy group Five Leaves. Five Leaves represent the epitome of radical sociosubjectivist philosophy, a position the group has retained with few adjustments over nearly 8000 years. According to the Black Line politics and technology is the basis of reality; ethics follows from politics, knowledge and epistemology from ethics and metaphysics from epistemology. Since the laws of reality underly technology the entire scheme closes into a circle with only politics as a free factor - intelligent beings are only free in selecting political systems, everything else follows from this. Five Leaves especially point at the Archailects as a vivid example of how a social system creates a metaphysics which constrains physical reality.

The radical sociosubjectivism of The Black Line has seldom been mainstream, but through various moderate interpretations (especially Gordan Has-Llow's Applying The Black Line as a Guide 3633) it has influenced the political philosophy of the MPA and to some extent the Communion.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 08 October 2001.