A.K.A. Board of Boards - a NoCoZo for-profit organization founded in 7003 which provides a subscription service alerting of suspicious business practices when detected amongst the various regulatory boards.
It also provides a for-profit approval/regulation service for regulatory boards, in which case the information is freely available to all comers. There has yet to be a proven case of favouritism on the part of the Board of Boards, primarily because BoB monthly publishes lists of businesses and beings who attempt to unduly influence the BoB. These lists are available free of charge to all except those 'outed' on the various lists.

There are persistent rumours that the BoB is allied with some larger, shadowy organization which engenders 'voluntary' regulations across the entire NoCoZo.

There are much less noisily spread rumours that the BoB occasionally blacklists a regulatory board for reasons of its own, as there are effectively no viable replacements for the BoB services. When the BoB becomes aware of the second type of rumour, it often (almost always) investigates and treats the originator(s) of such rumours as if they were trying to unduly influence the BoB - that is, they get blacklisted. Of course, this does little to clear the rumours.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 16 February 2003.