Catholic Church
Also known as the Roman Catholic Church. A major Old Earth division of Christianity, based on forgiveness of sins, the sacrament of the Mass, and distinguished from other Christian denominations by a religious hierarchy with the pope as the supreme head of the Church. The Catholic Church and other major Christian bodies began to diverge after the seventh Christian ecumenical council (other churches may refer to it as the last ecumenical council) in 1182 AT (787 AD). Important theologians included Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine. Though it had achieved worldwide distribution due to the expansion of European cultural and political influence over the course of the late Agricultural Age and the Industrial Age, and was at one point the largest single religion on the planet, the Catholic Church was eventually undermined by various factors, including declining priesthood during the Information Age, and the emergence of the Universalist Church in the early Interplanetary Age. The religion was revived by Evangelion of Umbriel during the early First Federation period, as the Reformed Catholic Church.
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    Revival of the Catholic Church based on the Tradition of the Life of Christ as interpreted through the teachings of the three Holy Figures of Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas and Evangelion of Umbriel. Based on monastic biospheres, bishoprics, and vicarages throughout much of the Inner Sphere, with the largest number in the Terragen Federation, and the Sophic League. There is also a small but thriving cluster of habs in the inner Perseus Arm.
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    Old Earth city state and capital of the Catholic Church. Much of Vatican City was packed in inert gas and put in a diamondoid vault, thus escaping the Technocalypse. Today it remains, in a vault surrounded by restored Mediterranean forests, one of the small number of pilgrimage sites of Old Earth.
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