Chameleon, The
The Chameleon is a massive polyhedron structure of unknown Terragen origin possessing of self-malleable properties, altering its own shape precisely every minute on the minute.

On each face of the structure, what appears to be random visual images materialize for a duration of exactly one-second, with no apparent repeating of the same image on any face of the polyhedron structure. The largest face is 2931 meters across, the smallest 2599 meters.

Some of the images have been identified, after recording and research, while others are images places, life-forms, and things never before encountered by any known Terragen group. Cross-searches of academic, military, mega-corporate, and other databanks have failed to provide any definitive answers.

A variety of theories have sprung up over time, in attempts to explain both the origin and purpose of the structure. Despite xenophile folklore and popular legend it is an alien artifact, the minute and second behavior immediately shows it to be of terragen origin. One theory suggests it is a remnant of the expansion of early solipsist ais, possibly an inhabited ISO.

Discovered initially by a Tragon interstellar probe, an Exploraprobe IV model affectionately dubbed "Quixotica" by its builders, orbiting the M-class star YTS-43522-438793494-0004 (STC), the Chameleon continues to confound galactic scientists and researchers seeking to uncover and understand its mysteries. In the years since it was first discovered, the Chameleon has become a major tourist attraction to some, a continuing curiosity to others, and the source of an endless procession of conspiracy theories from those who believe it poses a threat to galactic life.
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Text by Charles Mosteller
Initially published on 24 September 2001.