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"Smart" clothing that mimics the chromatophore firing patterns of certain species (most notably Bitenic Squid) that use chromatophores for communications.

Often worn by baseline or nearbaseline humans, but can be adapted for any species that wears clothing and normally relies on a form of communication other than chromatophoric). Cromatophoric clothing allows the user to communicate with any sophont who can understand chromatophoric languages.A variation of the technology equipped with a DNI interface and which translates the chromatophore flashing patterns of another sophont into sonic speech the wearer can also hear is also available.

At their most basic, chromatoclothes sense the sub-vocalizations of the person wearing them, and translate them from the wearer's native language into chromatophoric symbols. Many designs are self-luminous, allowing communication in both a well-lit or darkened environment. Chromatoclothes are popular among models, singers, and other public performers.
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Text by Mike Parisi
Initially published on 31 December 2007.