Church of the Original Sacrement
Minor theistic religion, based on elements of heterodox NeoCatholic Christianity, Solarism, and other sects, distributed through parts of the NoCoZo and Sophic League. Through an unfortunate misreading of several historical records, they use a lazurogened divine clone called "Craise" as a sacrificial sacrament. This has led to some persecution by rival groups.

Some historians suggest this is a reference to the Christ of the Reformed Catholic Church, while others claim it is really the hyperturing "Crai-Se" Still others say that Craise is really the fastfood magnate CrustClown King, the founder of Corporate Cannibalism. There is no doubt that the Church of the Divine Sacrement incorporates Chrtistian memes, but it also includes heterodox Solarist, Crai-Seist, and Corporate Cannibal memes as well. There is a rumour that the whole church was started by a rogue Sergeant Garruf clone who escaped the fly-thru outlet (possibly with the help of clone rights activists), but this is not seriously held by critical historians.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.