Earth and Luna
Image from Steve Bowers
In the Sol System, Cisluna refers to the space between the Earth and the orbit of the Moon, and any habitats or orbitals there. In the Interplanetary and Nanotech ages, the Cisluna Alliance was one of the major interplanetary superpowers.

After the Great Expulsion this volume became the location of the Cisluna Bracelet Band, a large number of overcrowded refugee habitats.

The Cisluna Bracelet Band

Cislumar Necklace
Image from Steve Bowers

The Cisluna volume in the Current Era is home to a large number of tourist hotels and observation platforms, dedicated to watching the planet Earth from outside GAIA's exclusion zone. A very small number of tourists and other observers are allowed to visit the Earth each year, by invitation only.
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Initially published on 24 September 2001.