City Prime
City-Prime was an early vec-centric habitat set up on Titan by an alliance of 34 vecs of various types and vintages. These vecs colonized a natural fissure which crossed Titan's equator, setting up over time tidal power generation facilities drawing power from the moon's close association with Saturn.

City-Prime was noted for its isolationism during its brief existence along with its odd destruction by a previously undetected and extremely localized meteor shower some 15 Earth-years after its foundation. Disaster recovery crews found evidence of large voids where some material or materials had been extracted from the Titanian soil, but no records survived to indicate what the reason for these excavations might have been.

The death of City-Prime is often cited as an incident in relation to The Scavenger on purely circumstantial evidence.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 31 December 2007.