Scrabo Prior, Clade

Clade Scrabo Prior
Image from Bernd Helfert

Nearbaseline human (plebhu) clade from Arkab Prior in Sagittarius (MPA). Nearly all members have the traditional nanotattoos, capable of rapid colour change, used for moodomorphic displays, advertising, animation and graphic games.

Citizens of the Mutual Progress Alliance habitats of Arkab Prior B and elsewhere, this unremarkable clade is representative of the large population of near-baselines throughout the Terragen sphere.

In common with most non mortalist poulations this clade have basic gene enhancements for longevity and disease resistance. Additionally the Scrabo-Prior Clade carry nano-scale enhancements as an external layer, appearing to be covered in artistic but ever changing tattoos. Utilities incorporated into the tattoo layer include Known net connection, translation facilities and auxilary agents for rapid mental processing when necessary.

The changing pictograms in the tattoo layer also can be used to communicate visually, such as

excuse me for a moment
receiving incoming call
on-line browsing
dont make me angry
same again please

and advertising slogans, often the only source of additional income above local minimum comfort level

Eat Krust Klown Klone
Kapn Krunchie 4 me


and can be useful in emergencies:

does anyone know the Heimlich manoevre?
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 02 October 2003.