Game practiced in several polities where direct mind connection to the Net is available. The game is loosely based on a game from pre-Information Age Earth.

A group of players, varying from just a few (when near-baselines are playing) to hundreds (when the players are superbrights), even thousands (in the case of superturings), connect to a game server (necessarily a being able to handle a detailed reality for the players, so hyperturings are the usual minimum for hosting these games), where a specific reality is created (e.g., an isolated 20th century mansion).

The players randomly take on the role of a character that has an appearance, name, and possibly beliefs different than their own and are unable to recognize each other. Among them, several personalities played by the host will be created. No one knows who is a host's clone or a true player, except the clones. The winner is the first to match who is a clone and who is a true player.

This can be achieved because the host AI will drop (purposely) very subtle clues. For example a host character may demonstrate reactions that demonstrate knowledge of information that was revealed to another computer character without having had the opportunity to communicate with it. Mastering the game requires the player to possess strong powers of observation.

Very popular among superbrights and seemingly amusing for hyperturing hosts.
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Text by Fernando Peña D'Andrea
Initially published on 02 February 2003.