Columbia-Bartlebel, Clade
Image from Steve Bowers
Ceres, first home of Clade Columbia-Bartlebel
Hedonistic Utopian nanocyborg clade, combining the Keterist transcendentalism with Ceresian technoutopianism.

One of the dominant nanocyborg clades of the Utopia Sphere, partially responsible for its formation. Originally an offshoot of Keterism from Ceres, they first colonised Ceres Mater.

Clade Columbia-Bartlebel combined Keterist ideas of transcendence with the hedonism and techno-utopianism of their home culture. At the time (mid 1900's a.t.) Ceres Mater was run by the transapient known as Cheshed the Giftbringer, later the leading archailect of the Utopia Sphere.

Setting out to found a utopia, they and their AI colonized and terraformed Topia, the first of the Beta Arae worlds. Over the next millennium the settlements grew, and the Bringer of Gifts spread its influence through the clade.

The clade has remained essentially unchanged since the foundation of the sphere, the ambitious servants of universal happiness. Appearance-wise they are extremely diverse, often exhibiting exuberant and surreal bodies of smart matter, while mentally they have enhanced their own aesthetic, social and hedonic capacity to posthuman levels.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 September 2001.