Concept Map
Concept map
Image from Bernd Helfert

This is an upload technician's jargon for the relevance and emotional lading of various terms and concepts learned by a subject mind over its experiential history.

That is, a mind found in a body which had been seriously damaged by open flame will react quite differently than a mind found in a body which had been saved from extinction by a campfire. The first mind might well put negative associations in conjunction with such flames, whereas the second mind might well attach positive associations with flame. As the mind in question is used to and preprogrammed to handle this information in this way, it is unlikely that one concept map will be useful (via partial upload/mnemonic overlay) to the other.

One simplistic example: if the second being learns the subjectively pleasant yet ancient technique of toxin inhalation via burning vegetable matter in cylindrical form, it is extremely unlikely that the first being would be able to access an unmodified upload of such knowledge due to the lack of conjunctional referents between 'flame' and 'pleasure'.
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Development Notes
Text by John B, Steve Bowers, and Xaonon
Initially published on 24 September 2001.