Concept Map
Concept map
Image from Bernd Helfert

A schematic representation of a mind's network of symbolic concept and their associations. All intelligent entities view, recall and model the world through conceptual symbols. A symbol can be something concrete such as an apple, or abstract such as the spiritual consequences of eating an apple. Concepts can be positively associated, a conscious recall of a concept is likely to trigger the strongest associations.

For minds based on neural networks this phenomenon is familiar, indeed it is a more abstract representation of how a neural network may operate. Concept maps of individuals can be readily created using similar technology to that of backups and uploading. Whichever mechanism can record the mind (neural implants in bionts, basic mental hardware in vecs and virtuals) can load such recording into software that analyses the raw neural net to create concept maps. These can be as abstract as desired, going through many layers of abstraction all the way back down to basic networks.

The most common use of concept maps are for the monitoring of psychological health by a medisystem, cultural memetic immunity within an angelnet and neuropsychological engineering using an exoself.

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