Diminutive term derived from Corpsicles.

A Corpsiflake is an embryo in cryogenic storage. They are created for many reasons, from a need for genetic rewrite to abortion alternative to population pressure gauge to... you name it. The most famous use yet found for corpsiflakes was on Urath around Gemina, a TRHN clade. These persons were morally against enforced abortion and enforced birth control. To maintain survivable population pressures, they came up with the novel idea of freezing embryos as they were created and re-implanting them as members of the society either died or left the planet. Understandably, the backlog of corpsiflakes has grown over time, and any child born today was first conceived approximately 150 years ago. As these people are also against destruction of human life in any form, as the parents of corpsiflakes die or leave the planet, the corpsiflake maintains its place in the queue, and is implanted in surrogate mothers or exowombs as available at the appropriate time.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 24 September 2001.