Cymbiotic beings, also called cymbionts, are all those who are unable to self-reproduce without physical or medical manipulation of their bodies. Through nanotech, medibots, reproductive technologies or any other means.

For example, a kind of organic beings (bionts), which require significant nano/hylo/biotech alteration after birth/creation to become 'normal' or 'representative' members of their clade. Typically there is a social contract (written or unwritten) as to a minimum amount or type of such augmentation recognized as 'normal' or 'representative', sometimes including specific types or even models of implanted technology.

Another example is the one of the Emote clade. Emotes are not considered to be a full member of the clade unless they have a functional emotive state broadcast/reception suite implanted. This is such a pivotal point of their clade's existence, they have coined over 20 specific terms to handle cases such as a child of an Emote parent which is not physically mature enough to survive the implantation process, or an Emote with a damage-disabled transmitter, or a damage-disabled receptor, or both.
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