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Cythera; a planet with a basic xenecology

Cythera - Data Panel

StarHD 190771
ClassG1 V
Distance from Sol61.28 ly (J2000 epoch)
PlanetCythera, HD 190771 I
TypeEogaian with primitive microbiotic xenecology
HD 190771 I; a popular Inner Sphere tourist attraction renowned for its biological products and ecotechnology institutes.

Colonised by the Ypperbach clade in 1958. The planet had a primitive microbiome to which the Ypperbach adapted, becoming the Cythera clade. They set to exploit the system, trading biological products and genetic design with other systems. Over time the Cytherans built an impressive artificial ecosphere on their planet, making it the genetics capital of the Age of Empires and Second Federation. In the ComEmp it largely lost its importance, growing more introvert and conservative. Today it is mainly a popular tourist attraction for Inner Sphere tourists and the home of a number of highly renowned ecotechnology institutes.

Image from Steve Bowers
Since 9050 Cythera has been host to the Galactic Colonisation Board, a quasi-religious body responsible for coordinating the exploration of the Outer Volumes (under divine guidance from the Sephirotic Archailects and their representatives).

The famous painted ships of Cythera's independent shipyards are widely admired.

Wassily Kandinsky near Cythera
Image from Anders Sandberg
The Wassily Kandinsky and the Piet Mondrian during boarding in Cythera orbit, First Federation period.
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