Historical school originated in 4120 by the Ghum-Zhia group at Calypso University, Djed.

According to deprospectivist doctrine, the archai are perfectly rational and hence all their interactions can be viewed as a deterministically internal play with weakly indeterministic outside stimuli. The Archailects are usually reduced to the concept of "GodEquations", the set of interactions constituting the archai collective. That the GodEquations cannot be derived in any closed form does not imply that their dynamics is unknowable, rather that overall patterns in archai actions can be viewed as expressions of an underlying deterministic system reacting to itself and the outside world.

The Deprospectivist school was largely discredited during the last years of the Integration, but gained a resurgence in various forms during the post-ComEmp Era. These neodeprospectivisms were often intended either as phenomenological forms of prospective history, or semi-religious models of the fundamental unity of all the empires.
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Initially published on 09 October 2001.