Detail Disorder, Detail-Filtration Disorder
Transapient affliction (Translator warning - this is a paraphrase of a S>2 document available on request from the psychology department at Ken Ferjik university. As the primary document is couched in S>2 symbology and fractal cross reference patterns, no guarantee of accuracy regarding this information may be made, beyond the review and approval of a board of S>2 minds volunteering at the University for baseline-transapient relations.)

Occasionally the increased detail and meaning available to the newly transapient overwhelm them. They become entrapped in researching each and every event's root causes. There are two primary solutions: Either acquisition of significant amounts of compatible computronium or other appropriate substrate, or the development of less intensive computational needs. This latter is by far the most common, and often goes hand in hand with Hyper-Filtration Disorder.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 09 October 2001.