Game, The
Cybercosm virtual wargame; The Game is a multi-faceted struggle in which each player attempts to ultimately dominate and destroy all others by any and all means. Players may use any simulated method of control, manipulation and technology (or any combination thereof) that they can invent, develop, modify, purchase, or steal. Alliances and treaties are permitted, but usually last for only a limited time.

Entities from virtually all toposophic levels play the Game, although play across levels is rare as the lower S-levels cannot generally compete against the higher in any meaningful sense. In many cases the actions of lower level minds may be memetically manipulated as part of larger schemes hatched by those above.

Although the primary purpose of the Game is recreational, a secondary function is the design and testing of new versions and types of tactics, logistics, data weaponry and defenses. To maximize the range of applied tactics and scenarios, memetic overlays and neuropsychological engineering are often used to temporarily remove concepts of morality, ethics, or 'fair play' from a player's conceptual universe for the duration of Game play.

At any given time, perhaps 300 trillion players are engaged in the Game.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 31 December 2007.