Gati Hertzsprung-Russell Engineers
Sun-miner postbiont cyborg clade from the Gati system of the NoCoZo.

As hyperturing-automation slowly squeezed out sunminers economically, the Gati miners instead began work with stellar lifting, the conditioning of stars in order to prolong their lifespan or modify their variability. In 6783 they acquired or developed a very efficient neutrino cooling system, enabling them to construct megastructures inside stars. While exploiting this technology for all it was worth, they also began to adapt to staying more and more inside stellar interiors. Using (gifted?) transapienttech they internalized neutrino cooling into their bodies, transforming themselves into entities well adapted to stellar cores. Their exact forms varied wildly, as did their societies: the clade radiated into a multitude of versions inhabiting NoCoZo stars. Over time the mainstream stabilised into the current form: cyborg stellar core macroengineers, specializing in stellar maintenance, star lifting, mass production and plasma technology. However, many derived forms can be found, especially in more isolated stars away from the wormhole nexus.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 01 November 2001.