Hoshanti's Star (Gavit)
Gavit's Star
Image from Steve Bowers
Hoshanti's Star and Gavit, a microjovian world in orbit around it.
Resource-poor Outer Volumes system.


Gavit / Hoshanti's Star

Primary M6-type star (YTS 2109 321 9 )
Planets a sparse belt and two microjovian gas giants, Gavit and Skearni
Affiliation Deeper Covenant
Region Outer Volumes (Sagittarius sector)
Colonised 10054 (Deepers), 10483 (Hoshanti)
Population (permanent) 25 (24 Deepers (Beamrider Station Maintenance), 1 retired Solar Dominion vessel)
Wormholes none
Beamrider Stations 2
Industriesamat production, limited asteroid mining and he3 extraction, beamrider station maintenance

The sophont ship Hoshanti arrived in 8925, following the Fubas Clone Event. This ship is now largely in retirement, but still participates in local administration, and this means that the system is for all purposes a part of the Solar Dominion as well as the Beamrider Network, and thus serves as a useful although minor regional interface between the two, gaining benefits from both.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 01 November 2001.