Drummon Duran
Drummon Duran was an important regional Negentropist system in the Centauri Sector. The stargate links were destroyed by NoCoZo forces during the Version War but since casualties were not as high as in other nearby systems, the system regained some prosperity (including major catapult facilities) during the ComEmp period. It was conquered by the Paradigm in 5468 and became a major Paradigm industrial center by 5500. The half-constructed dyson sphere was destroyed by PCO forces in 5553, over the objections of the Negentropist Alliance. The system has been rebuilt, and includes a war museum and a memorial to all those of both sides who died during the Paradigm Containment War. Prospecting for war artefacts (remnant nonfunctional goo, pieces of the original dyson sphere, Paradigm wreckage) is illegal under the local Heritage Act but widely practiced - the authorities seem unable to stop the trade. There are rumoured to be a number of pirate colonies in the local Kuiper belt and in some of the outer dyson detritus, but this has never been confirmed and is probably just a story cooked up by the local tourist industry.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 October 2001.