Freedom Day
Holiday celebrated in observance of full Sapients' Rights being granted to clades of provolves, splices, neogens, AIs and vecs that did not have such rights when they were first created.

Few sophonts outside of these groups celebrate Freedom Day but the holiday is common in polities throughout the Civilized Galaxy. The exact time and nature of the observance varies from polity to polity and from clade to clade, but the usual time is on the last day of the local calendar year. Most celebrants refrain from working on Freedom Day, but those clades that were created for military use often eschew fighting instead (or also) and many Erotogini abstain from sex. It is not uncommon for merchants to close their shops on this holiday. Freedom Day is often the most important holiday of the year in communities where most of the population consists of species that were once second-class sophonts.
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Text by Michael Walton
Initially published on 09 January 2005.