Illegal variant on Brainstorm with similar short-term effects. However, it has been modified slightly so that the effects coming off of it are much nastier, and quite possibly lethal.

Fry is most often used by underground agents to 'recruit' a stable of superbrights who thought they were getting Brainstorm. After the injection, the agent explains the difference, and starts by mentioning that he's currently out of the stuff. However, if the hu would care to think about how to do (fill in the blank), he might be able to interest someone else in providing another dose...

Fryer - an agent who provides Fry. "Null, an, e's a fryer!" - brainstormer warning a friend that the pusher is suspected of selling Fry.

Fried - an unsuspecting consumer of Fry instead of Brainstorm. "An, I's fried! E's a farking fryer!" Nearly posthumous warning from one brainstormer to the brainstormer community, who then beat the stuffing of the suspected Fryer.

(Note that Fry is probably a pretty big secret amongst the baseline community, and only found in a few very lawless places...)
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Text by John B
Initially published on 31 December 2007.