Fundying, Fundying-Up, Pulling a Fundy
Popular colloquialism meaning to act consciously, with deliberation and premeditation, but in such a way that consistently undermines, contradicts, discredits, thwarts, or foils one's own stated or supposed objectives, goals, values, or purpose.

Term apparently originated during the early or mid Information Age in response to the observation that fundamentalists, in speaking-out against a popular song or other recording or the artist responsible for such, inadvertently provided free advertising for the object or eir wrath and thereby increased popular awareness - and usually sales - of the very thing ey were condemning. It is not uncommon in the modern era for clades and polities of an atheistic, agnostic, secular, deist, or simply pragmatic bent, to allow or even give encouragement to fundamentalists in eir midst, for purposes of providing eir populace, especially the clade's or polity's young, with a sort of koan or illustrative example to show why eir clade or polity holds the views it does: "This is why we reject such nonsense."
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Text by Mike Parisi
Initially published on 30 January 2003.