First Federation Era Megacorporation.

Intralaunch was a megacorp that sent out far-ranging scouts and colonies in order to grab remote but promising systems, and one of the major corporations in the pre-stargate era. Starting from humble beginnings it grew to become one of the twenty largest Federation megacorporations, by absorbing a number of smaller deep space ventures, including Outsystems Launches and Tokera SpaceLiners. Along with interstellar colonization it had interests and investments in heavy machinery, the manufacturer of starships, spaceships, and heavy mining machinery.

Intralaunch was the first to reach Castor A and B, as well as the system that would become Adami. Unfortunately for the corporation, the extreme distances made it too slow to react to a string of branch crises, and it was successively annexed, bought up and assimilated by the Conver Ambi.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 10 November 2001.