Haydrik Habitat
Independent Banks style orbital sharing a system with the Negentropist Alliance. The governing mind fell briefly under the control of the Pozer's Pol Potbot who attempted to instigate a year zero. Two months later a legion of Immanentization Crusaders transited the local wormhole and promptly tore through the limited forces the Potbot had nanofabbed to enforce er rule, and reinstalled the habitat's mind.

Before re-deploying the Crusaders commander gave the mind's avatar a gift of a small ball of computronium that contained the mindstate of the Potbot and sufficient sensors so e can observe the triumphs of a technological society.

The Haydrick Habitat has since entered into negotiations to become a full member of the Negentropist Alliance.
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Development Notes
Text by Ben Higginbottom
Initially published on 10 June 2002.