HerSci, Hermeneutic Science

Communing with the Archai
Image from Juan Ochoa

The study of transapient science and technology by beings of lower toposophic level.

HerSci does not attempt to discover new knowledge, but figure out what more advanced beings or civilizations have discovered. Even if the more advanced beings are friendly it is often extremely hard to exploit their knowledge, as their explanations might be incomprehensible, clouded by intelligence barriers or otherwise garbled. The researchers study what the advanced researchers say and do, attempting to understand what it means and test their theories about this meaning empirically. In some cases whole chains of HerSci research occur, such as the famed transcendence institutes of Ain Soph Aur where cyborgs study S1 AIs that study S2 AIs that study the wisdom of S3 AIs.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 07 November 2001.