Humanity First!
Anthroist symbol
Image from Anders Sandberg
Human Supremacist or Anthroist symbol, one of many similar variants used throughout the Terragen Sphere

Interplanetary Age anti-ai reactionary activist group; later a religion.

Originally "New Humanity First!", this was an early radical anti-ai baseline human supremacist political group which followed anti-ai agitators and demagogues during the early interplanetary period; later revived as a religion during the late 4th century, worshipping individuals like The Blessed Brant Yin and S. Truman Horst (of original "Humanity First!" fame), and advocate severing all ties with ai and vecs. Some also distrusted dryware-augmentated cyborgs, considering them AI sympathisers. While most of this organization restricted itself to occasional spamming and proselytising, more radical elements attacked humans they saw as ai "lackeys" or destroyed their property. Their few attempts on vecs and hyperturings are mostly ineffectual. The organisation was infiltrated and subverted by the Lunar admistration ai DF-23400 in 402, and disappeared soon after.
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
inspired by the ideas of Kevin Self
Initially published on 04 November 2001.