Posthuman clade descended from virtuals choosing to live in multidimensional hyperbolic virtual spaces.

Hyperbolic spaces have the advantage of placing much information within a short distance of the current piece of information, making the traversal of networks and tree diagrams more efficient. While the normal humanoid visual system is only wired for 3D or 2D vision, visual perception networks and modules developed since the Federation Era have enabled virtuals to acquire the ability to perceive multidimensional hyperbolic space naturally. Over the centuries virtuals preferably existing within such spaces developed more advanced cognitive and metacognitive tools, growing into a partial clade of posthumans, the Hyperbolics.

The Hyperbolics tend to specialize in exploiting the "shallowness" of hyperbolic spaces, finding information in networks and databases through their altered visual and cognitive systems. They are an important part in the information economy of most major worlds, providing a humanoid approach to monitoring and maintaining the complex visualizations and structures that result from high-level hypereconomics and intelligent document matings.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 07 November 2001.