Hyperion (world)

Former capital of the Hyperion - Marabi Patha - Charlwood empire.

Image from Steve Bowers
Hyperion and its thalassiformed moon, Endymion

Founded: 3111 (originally known as Lunth)
Star: YTS 9989-919-101
Type: FV5
Luminosity: 7 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 820 ly
RA: 4h 39'20
Dec: 38 13 34

Planet: Hyperion
Type: Panthalassic
Diameter: 13331 km

Middle Regions world in Perseus, founded in 3111 AT as Lunth by the independent Alnath Travellers but was soon absorbed by the Hyperion corporation on behalf of the Solar Dominion and renamed after the Hyperion hyperturing, who established vast computronium banks in the cooling seas of this world.

Hyperion left the Dominion during the Information/Emotion Schism in 3414, and became the capital of the Empires Age Hyperion Charlwood alliance, closely associated with House Marabi Patha.

After attacking the world Geteche without provocation in 3694, this short-lived empire was subverted and broken up by an alliance between the Solar Dominion and the Conver Ambi, and the world reverted to the Solar Dominion. This world is now part of the Geteche Prefecture.
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